A Bit About What We Do And Who We Are

We are a family run firm, my husband and I started over 25 years ago, the year that I graduated, and now I am old enough to be your mother!! (Which is a very depressing thought!) I now run the rented side with my son Sam, whilst my husband, the builder/property developer, does all my maintenance. This has its advantages because when you pick up the phone it’s me you speak to, I can’t hide behind the agent who says, ‘I have to get the Landlords permission to do that maintenance’, from the landlord who just happens to live in Monacco! It also means because of my husband’s experience, he even built six of our houses and renovated and attic converted the other houses that he has the expertise to deal with any problem, and we have a team of guys to call up on to do any job necessary.

My husband is famous for saying ‘there is nothing you can do to that house that I can’t put right’ but I have to qualify that by saying that’s not a dare!