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What is included?


There is no Council Tax involved because properties occupied wholly by students are exempt from Council Tax but you must inform the University of your new address and then log onto the Council Tax website and complete the exemption form. This is then cross referenced with the University list.



All our Rents are now 'All Inclusive OF Bills' but i do break it down into rent for the room and bills so you can see how much you are paying. I haven't put the prices on the website because they change each year and per house and per room.



We have guys who come to do your maintenance, but please try and be reasonable we can’t always get someone there at night. If you have a problem please ring(not text or e mail, especially if its an emergency!!!) You all have mobiles and can take 2 minutes between lectures to ring me.



Monthly or termly to fit in with you. Direct debit cash or cheque. If you pay for the whole year in advance you will receive a reduction of 5%.

I will issue you with a Standing Order mandate before you move in.





I have no objection to one large picture on the wall BUT I want to get away from the entire room full of Blu-tac photos on the wall. Think about getting a picture hook and a clip frame for your photos. I know you want to make the place homely but we have to repair the damage caused by the blu-tac.



It is an occupational hazard most things we take in our stride. But smashed windows we do expect you to pay for but am happy to do it at cost for you