Student Lets

1-6 St Hildas Terrace

This is a block of 6 student houses that we built ourselves. ( 2 x 5 and 4 x 7 Bedrooms) These have been newly built by us, they conform to the highest building codes required and as a result are incredibly well insulated and therefore very warm, so much so that the students rarely have the heating on. The rooms in this house are also not just double rooms but massive and everyone who views them takes them they are so nice.

The houses are less than a mile from the University, about a 15 minute walk, or if you have a car there is ample off street parking in front of the houses. It is also very easy to get into town and easy shopping with Morrisons just over the road.

They are a bit like a mini halls of residence, there are 38 students altogether in this block, all with one large rear yard with picnic benches in, so although you live in individual houses everyone intermingles. The other thing to think about is picking your own neighbours!

Suitable for both St Johns and York University.

I spoke to a St John Student only today who says it takes 10 minutes to walk, she has done it in 6 minutes but she was late and nearly suffered a heart attack in the process!

Foss Islands Road

This is a 6 Bedroom house.It is a tardis its truly massive inside with no small rooms. It has a huge sitting room. The bathroom has a very impressise seperate shower room and toilet as well a seperate wet room. Next door but one to Waitrose! It over looks the city walls so you never ever need to take a taxi into town.

Suitable for the University with a 10-15 min walk.

Fulford Road

5 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms.

Handy if you have a group of 9 that you’ve lived with in halls then these 2 are worth looking at. You have a choice of ways into the Uni you either go down Heslington Road or you can walk down Fulford Rd and in through the snicket that runs through the barracks. Both had major over hauls this last year so they both look really smart.

Barbican Road

This is a 7 bedroom house. The house looks quite small from the outside but goes a long way back as well as having an attic conversion, so is actually really big, it has a new kitchen with tumble dryer as well as the usual washer. The sitting room flows into the massive kitchen with dining table, by means of a large archway, the communal space is probably the biggest of all my properties, handy if you want to stay in and socialize rather than go out, I’ve had students take this house for this reason rather than taking something closer to the Uni.

Obviously only a short walk into town. Barbican road runs into Heslington Road so I’d estimate it would only take 10 mins to walk to the Uni..

Heslington Road

This is a 6 bedroom house.

What more can I say, Heslington Rd is the address to live at. It’s a big 3 storey house with 2 new bathrooms. New UPVC windows and doors so it looks very smart, this house was a 7 bedroom but have knocked a wall out and turned it back into its original state of being a 6 so one of the bedrooms is truly huge, and the rest are just very big!

Siward Street

A 5 bedroom house.

This house has an attic conversion so is probably one of the biggest in this street which has a massive percentage of student houses. It has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Very handy for the University BUT further away from town. Closer than Melrosegate Properties and Tang Hall.

Queen Annes Road

This house is another big 3 storey terrace with big rooms with high ceilings. It is in a lovely street in a nice part of York, this is certainly not your typical student house. It has 2 bathrooms a large kitchen and sitting/sun room beyond, which has patio doors outside, very classy. Probably a 10 minute walk to St Johns.

Eldon Street

Yet another house with a new kitchen. Another house that goes back a long way, though it does look huge from the front being a big 3 storey terraced. I would say less than 5 minutes to walk into St Johns, if you’ve lived in The Grange then you have probably walked past it every day! New UPVC windows and doors fitted and 2 swanky shower rooms. Not a small room in the house.

East Parade

This is yet another big terrace I am struck by the thought that I see a lot of students who come to me having not taken other house because someone doesn’t want the small room, yet we seem to be inundated with houses that all have massive rooms and this one is no exception. Thinking of changing my name to ‘No Box Rooms Ltd’! Sitting room is adjacent to a 20 foot galley kitchen. One shower room in the attic, one big bathroom with shower and toilet on the first floor and a separate toilet down stairs too.

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"Would highly reccomend,used them for 4 years and any problems they sorted,thank you"
-Sarah P