1.Give me a ring, to arrange an appointment.

2. I pick you up from a convenient location and to take you to the house(s). And return you, I wouldn’t leave you stranded. No obligation, you may hate the house, its part of being a landlord, and I won’t be offended.

3.At the viewing I will answer all your questions and give you a copy of the Tenancy agreement to read over, in case you are interested.

4. Say yes or no! If you don’t want the house that’s absolutely fine, I will not be the least offended, it would be nice to get some feed back if you don’t like it, there may be something I can do, or I may be able to find you another house. Before Christmas its acceptable to take time to consider other properties but after Christmas, if you like the house you need to say so promptly because they start to go very quickly.

5. Email me all your names and contact details and I will draw up the Tenancy Agreement.

6. One week later meet in the pub to sign up! Let me buy you a pint! A bond equal to a months rent is payable on the signing.

7. In June I will contact you with my bank details and you should contact the outgoing tenants to talk about the Utility companies they used.

9. Key handover – ring me 48-72 hours before to make an appointment to meet me. I am happy to hand over one key to each of you or alternatively will be happy to meet one representative and give them all the keys.